New booking system!

We are very excited to be switching over to a new booking and league management system!

First, many thanks to James Buckley, who has spent tireless hours on sorting out all the technical stuff behind getting this booking system up and running. Also a big thank you to Reka Gay/Cambridge Squash Club for giving us access to the software that Reka wrote for Cambridge Squash Club.

Moving to a new system

We are moving bookings and leagues to a new system. It allows more visability on the bookings, so everyone can see who is playing who, and this will help ensure all courts are used and not wasted. It also has a lot of functionality related to league matches, including contacting your opponents, and booking courts efficiently. This system will also allow you to search all members’ details for easier connecting.

We are going to have a few slight changes to how courts can be booked. For example, courts will now be 45 minutes long. Initially, we are not placing restrictions on how many courts can be booked per member; however, we plan to introduce some slight restrictions to ensure a good turnover of courts, particular if you do not have an opponent yet.

How to book courts

One major change is that you (usually) need to add an opponent to the booking. There are several options.

1) Book with an opponent/standard booking. E.g. I am playing James Buckley, so I book the court, and select James as the opponent.

2) Book a placeholder. This is for when you don’t know who can play you, but you know the time you want to play. So, you book a court at 5pm on Friday… and then you reach out to your opponents and see if anyone can make it. If they can, you update the booking with their name. Or, if no one can play, you can delete the booking, or it will automatically delete two days after you initially made the booking.

3) Book a matchmaker. This is specifically for league matches. It’s a really handy feature. You book the matchmaker, at whatever time suits, and it automatically emails all your box league opponents, asking if they can make that court. They simply click through the email to accept your booking. Again, if no one can make it, it automatically deletes after two days.

4) Booking practice. You can book for solo but not during peak hours – i.e. not between 16:45-20:30.

5) Booking with a visitor. Please go ahead and book your visitors in this way. Just write their name in the booking. (Please note that guests cost £4 per visit, aside from their first visit, to be transferred to the Fenland Squash Club account.)

Please experiment with the different options and functionality!

Switchover date

We will be switching over on 21st August. So please make bookings after that date on this system.

Getting set up

To set yourself up, go to the following link:

Go to “log in” and then go to “forgot password”. Put in your email (if you are not sure what email you used, it will be the same as on the old membership spreadsheet; also make sure you put it in all lower case) and you should receive your username (firstname.lastname) and password (random – please change by clicking through to your account in the website).

Then, you should be good to go!

In the case of any issues, please be in touch – please don’t struggle if you can’t get it to work!

Hopefully, once set up, you should appreciate the enhanced functionality and smoother operation of the new system.