Procedures for use of the club

i. Club members to declare any symptoms or contact with people with symptoms to the COVID-19 officer prior to their booking and for 7 days after visiting the club, in accordance with the Swavesey Squash Club COVID-19 checklist. Any members with symptoms must not come to club and must not book courts.
ii. Members must book prior to using the facilities so that a record can be maintained. Members should come on time, not early, and leave promptly.
iii. Visitors are strongly discouraged at this time. If a member brings a visitor, they must be able to provide that visitor’s contact details in the event of a ‘Track and Trace’ situation.
iv. The number of people in the club at any one time must not exceed 20, in line with government recommendations on 100sqft per person.
v. Upon entry to the club, members must wash or sanitise their hands. It is strongly recommended that members bring their own sanitiser. Hand washing facilities and sanitiser will also be available at the club. Members are encouraged to wash and/or sanitise their hands frequently while at the club.
vi. Social distancing measures as set out in government guidance must be adhered to at all times, including on court.
vii. Members should avoid touching surfaces and should make use of the cleaning materials provided to wipe any surfaces which have been potentially contaminated. For example, members should use their elbows or legs to push open doors. Players should not touch the walls and surfaces of the court, including wiping their hands on the walls. Players should avoid touching the ball with their hands when playing with a non-household/bubbled partner. They should use their racket or designate one player to pick up the ball.
viii. During their booking, members are encouraged to avoid leaving the court unnecessarily; members should take their belongings on court with them and fill their water bottles before entering the court.
ix. Players should bring their own equipment; the club will not be providing equipment during this time.
x. We strongly recommend players do not shower at the club unless absolutely necessary. They should come changed and ready to play, and only change in the changing facilities if necessary.
xi. Members should minimise the use of the toilets at the club. Members using the toilet must sanitise the surfaces both prior to and after use, and close the toilet lid prior to flushing to reduce the spread of aerosol particles. High standards of hygiene must be adhered to by members including thorough hand-washing after use of the toilet.

COVID-19 checklist for bookings

By placing this booking, you confirm the following to be true:
• That you have not experienced a new cough or fever in the last 14 days.
• That you have not been in contact with someone with a new cough or fever in the last 14 days.
• That you have not experienced a loss of smell or taste in the last 14 days.
• That you have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days or been in contact with someone who has in the last 14 days, unless you have had a subsequent negative test.
• That you are under the age of 70.
• That you are not currently undergoing treatment for cancer; you have not undergone an organ transplant; you do not have a respiratory conditions, heart conditions, heart disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease or liver disease. (The list is not exhaustive so please notify the club of any health issue which may be relevant).
• That you are not immunocompromised and/or taking immunosuppressants e.g steriods.
• That you are not pregnant.
• That you are not in the vulnerable category of those who have been advised to shield.
• That you do not live with or care for someone in the vulnerable category.
If you cannot confirm these to be true, please contact the COVID-19 officer (contact details below).

By placing this booking, you also confirm:

• That you aware that whilst Swavesey Squash Club have taken precautionary measures against the risk of infection from COVID-19, there is still a risk in visiting the club.
• That you will contact the club immediately if there is any change to your symptoms or circumstance, whether that be prior to your booking or for 7 days after visiting the club.